Digital Marketing in China

china ecommerce stats

China eCommerce Stats

The Chinese ecommerce market is staggering in it’s size and complexity. Here are some answers […]

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Search Engine Usage in China

The number of search engine users in China is still growing, along with overall Chinese […]

china internet usage stats

Growth of Internet Users in China is Slowing Down

When we engage with new prospects or clients we are always asked many questions about […]

How to set up your WeChat wallet without a Chinese bank account

If you visit China you will very quickly realize that most people in the large […]

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8 Chinese Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Big changes are coming to the internet marketing landscape in China this year. As Baidu, […]

The Different Types of WeChat Account

Released in 2011, WeChat now has over 980 million active monthly users and is one […]

How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China

If your company has a product or service that’s available to customers in China you […]