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Our MO is to fit in with your requirements. We have the team in place to deliver a full suite of services, but we are also happy doing just the bits you can't handle  in-house.

Chinese Websites

Wechat and social media is huge in China, but a fast and responsive website is still tablestakes in the world's largest online market. That's why we use the Sinorbis platform to build and host websites. If you have some design chops in house you can do it all yourself, or we can help you build your site and leave you to run it using the simple online interface.

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chinese search engines

Paid & Organic Search

One of the biggest differences between China and the west is the vastly different search engine market. Baidu still rules above all with about 76% of the market, but Shenma, 360 and Sogou all have meaningful shares.

Our China based search marketing team has a huge amount of experience in both organic search optimization as well as Chinese paid search marketing.

Chinese Social Media

Until you've spent time in China it is hard to understand just how central to everyday life that Wechat has become for most Chinese. It is the most popular messenger, a channel to reach consumers, a digital wallet and hosts thousands of mini apps for every imaginable service.

But it isn't the only social media site, and our  China based team can help you navigate the the entire ecosystem and develop a strategy to help you best reach consumers and support your business.

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Chinese Translation

One of the hardest things you'll need to do as you prepare to launch your presence in China is make sure all your marketing collateral is properly translated into Chinese. And we do mean properly. There is a big difference between a good and a poor translation.

Our team in Shenzhen will make sure your web content is accurately translated, reads well and (importantly) is optimized for popular Chinese search terms so that it may rank well in Baidu.

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If you have aspirations to launch your brand in China, or perhaps you already have but are looking for some digital marketing support, we're here to help.