How to set up your WeChat wallet without a Chinese bank account

If you visit China you will very quickly realize that most people in the large cities don’t carry cash these days and they don’t use EFTPOS for paying either.

setup WeChat walletInstead they use WeChat or Alipay apps on their phone to pay. In my experience WeChat is used the most, with the ubiquitous QR code scanners on every store counter, and in every cafe or restaurant. Quite frankly I’ve felt like a dolt pulling out cash to pay for a coffee at Starbucks. The problem is that the international version of WeChat doesn’t make it easy to set up the wallet functionality, which requires you to connect to a local Chinese bank account or credit card. Tencent does have global ambitions for WeChat so I imagine they will start to support international credit cards eventually, but as it stands today they don’t work..and that is if you can even figure out how to activate the wallet functionality in the first place.

Thankfully, with a little trial and error I was able to activate the wallet on WeChat and even credit my wallet with some Yuan, despite running the international version of the app. Here’s how I did it…

How to set up WeChat wallet

  1. The first thing you need to do is to have a Chinese friend of colleague send some Yuan to your WeChat account. Any amount will work, as little as ¥0.10 will be fine. The act of sending Yuan via WeChat to your WeChat account will enable the wallet functionality on the app. The wallet doesn’t show up by default on the international version of the app, but receiving some funds will activate it.
  2. Once activated you will be able to view your wallet and balance from the Me tab in the app. You can now use the wallet to send WeChat payments to any of your WeChat contacts, though you will need to top up your balance ahead of time because the app doesn’t currently support international credit cards or bank accounts. You’ll only be able to spend as much as you have in your wallet balance.
  3. To top up your WeChat wallet you really have two options:
    1. Ask you Chinese friend to send funds to your account and you pay them back by some other means. This is probably the best option as you can agree a reasonable exchange rate, something close to the official rate of the day.
    2. You can use a 3rd party service like where you can buy Yuan funds for your wallet via PayPal. I used this service to add some finds to my account and it worked well, though it does seem to be a little bit manual. Effectively you are paying the service in USD via PayPal and they will then manually send you Yuan to your WeChat account. Understandably they make a cut on the USD to RMB exchange rate…and it is quite a cut. I paid $24.50 USD for ¥100, where the official rate values ¥100 at <$16 USD. It worked for me, but I don’t know I would recommend it…certainly you’ll get a better deal if you can pay a friend some other way and have them send the funds to your wallet.


And that’s it..actually quite simple, if a little bit of a work around. You will at the very least be able to add funds to your wallet and use these to send funds to any of your WeChat contacts, though at the time of writing you still can’t use these funds to pay instore using WeChat pay because your WeChat wallet isn’t verified until it is actually connected to a Chinese account. So yes, it is rather limited, but still handy if you need to be able to send funds to friends or colleagues to pay for your share of dinner!

Final note: in the wallet app inside WeChat you will find that you can add a credit card, but (at the time of writing) these can’t be used to top up your balance. I’ve added my card but every time I try to top up my balance it asks for the card details again, and just goes round in circles. It appears that this functionality just hasn’t been enabled yet, but you have to assume that this is on the cards to be enabled at some point in the future, which will definitely make it much easier to use for the international audience.

Posted By Charles

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Hi Charles, I’m having trouble as well trying to set up my master credit card with WeChat.. I even went through a third party service to purchase yuan. Are there any other work arounds that might work? Thanks!


Hi Jessica, I’m not aware of any other work-arounds at this time. I’m hopeful that Tencent will soon start to support full featured payments using international credit cards.


Seems it’s no longer possible to have money sent to Wechat wallet unless you have a Chinese bank account, I’ve been told these new requirements have been in place for 2 years but are only recently being strictly implemented. It is also worth noting that currency exchange in banks may be much more difficult now, tried to exchange cash at 2 banks and was told they can only do it if I can give them a tax number from home country. Bank of China did exchange but only because I’d exchanged cash in previous years


Hi, I had the same problem. It seems to be blocked now. But there is an alternative: Download and install the We-Chat Windows app. There you can accept the money from a third party service or a friend. Afterward, the payment service is fully activated on the Smartphone 🙂


yes I have tried to receive fund through a friend is still asking me to do the real authentification first, I didnt activate my wallet.


Is this still working now?


Hi Jasper, this is still working as described as far as I am aware, but please note it is rather limited in that you can only send Yuan to other users from funds loaded on your account. You can’t use it to pay merchants.


Thanks Charles for this wonderful information. Once i receive funds to my wechat wallet from a friend can i transfer it to another wechat user without verification?


Hi Christian, you used to be able to do this, but I now have trouble with this. The user flow seems to have changed since I wrote this post. I need to do an update.

Deroles D is also another Excellent 3rd Party Wechat Top up service website. The price is more reasonable because there is no commissions.

Raphael Adedayo

hi Deroles, I have funds in my wechat wallet but credit card not activated. Can I send the funds in my wallet to friends and merchants?


Worked like a charm. Now my friends can order their own food. =) Thank you so much.


It wont work on mine. i tried asking a friend to send me money and I still get a card required or id.


Hi Cathy, yes it seems since I wrote this article that this method isn’t working any more. I need to retest this and see if there is another means to do this.


Hi Charles, Thank you for the article. I have been using we chat pay on visits to China without problem. I linked it with my Hong Kong credit card as it asked me to confirm my identity. This worked to start with but then it kicked me out and now I have money in my balance but it won’t let me use it & keeps asking me to verify my identity….I have tried unlinking the credit card and relinking but it doesn’t work…any ideas?


Hi Allie, I’m having the same trouble now myself and I don’t have a solution at this time.


I can’t activate the wallet option even though my friend had sent me some red pocket money in yuan. I couldn’t pass the authentication. Is there any way to by pass it?


Hi Mary, I’m not sure what to tell you in this case. What happened to the funds that your friend sent you? Did they get them back or were they not even able to send?


Hi, would this process work if I want to add wechat to my Chinese Apple ID? Or it might be another way to add a payment to my Chinese Apple ID, thanks


Hi Joao, I’m not familiar with Chinese Apple IDs so I can’t answer that question. Have you found a solution to your problem?


Hello is it possible to use my sister account number while registering Wechat and later replace it when I open a bank account


Hi Pre, that is a good question. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that this won’t be possible as I am sure a bank account can only be linked to a single WeChat account. If you try it please let us know the outcome!

mrs chan

HI Charles,
how do I make transfer to a friend ? [I have some balance in wechat wallet] thanks


Hi Mrs Chan, this is quite easy…

  1. Open a chat with the friend you want to send the funds to.
  2. Tap the + icon
  3. Tap the Transfers option and follow the steps to complete transfer.

Here’s a screenshot…

How to transfer funds using WeChat wallet


Hi Charles, i have ask my friend to Send me the red pocket to me but when i want to open the red pocket, it pop up a message saying that “ according to laws of the People’s republic of China, you need to add a Chinese bank card registered in your name in order to continue using your wechat pay balance”. Same message pop up when i want to make payment even i have link my credit card in my wechat


Ho Bowen, can your friend send you funds using regular transfer rather than Red Packet?


It gives the same message even with a transfer.


Hmm, seems that the rules are getting tighter since I wrote this post. I was able to receive a transfer at that time, but many are reporting that they cannot now.


Hi Charles,
I seem to be banging my head agents a brick wall. I manage to get to the registration phase, enter all my details and when I get to the point of receiving a registration code I never get the text. This has happened way over 10 times now. I have even tried to do it to other numbers. Any suggestion?


Hi Lee, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I don’t have any immediate suggestions. What country are you in?


Hi Charles,
I have same problem – even if I registered a CC an can see it added to my wallet – when i try to accept the funds (sent via Transfer or RedPacket – the app gives me the message that “according to laws of the People’s republic of China, you need to add a Chinese bank card registered in your name in order to continue using your wechat pay balance”.
Is this something new?


I think it may be new yes. Hopefully Tencent will support international credit cards at some point.


Hi Charles, my friend sent me a red envelope through wechat. But when I tried to open it, it requires verification. So what I did is, input my local bank (from the Philippines) so I was able to activate my Wechat pay. The problem was, Wechat says that according to local law, I need to have a China Bank Account to open the red envelope. Is there any way to open it or to receive it without China Bank Account?


Hi Jasper, I don’t think so. Rather than getting more flexible the rules seem to be getting tighter.


Hi my friend send me a red pocket on my wechat account but i cannot view the amount and it doesnt appear on my wallet.. How would i know that is already transferred


Hi Reese, if you do not have a Chinese bank account I don’t think that you’ll be able to access this. I still hold out hope that Tencent will start to support international credit cards at some point.


Perhaps this worked in the past, but it doesn’t any more (as of Feb 2019 at least). Won’t let you ad to your wallet without a valid Chinese credit card (I registered my Chase Bank card and it would not work). As of now, I don’t think there’s any way to do this.


You can do this through Alipay without Chinese verification. International cards won’t work, but you can have a friend send you money and it is usable to pay for goods and services.

Lisa Mc

Last summer, I was unable to get WeChat pay to work. I was able to get alipay to work, but it isn’t as frequently accepted. Since then, I’ve been waiting for Wechat pay to start allowing for foreigners to use it without a Chinese bank account. I hope you’ll keep us posted if you hear that Tencent starts supporting this officially. Till then, I really don’t want to go back to China. It’s no fun to be there without paying the same way as everyone else.


Hello Charles, if I was able to successfully receive a transfer from my Chinese friend to a WeChat account set in March last year can I use this money to pay for goods and services while visiting China? I tried to transfer some RMB to my wife account, which has been set recently and she got the same problem as described many times before: the app is asking for her Chinese ID and adding any credit card info is not enough to receive the transfer.


Hi Peter, sorry for the silly slow reply…I somehow missed your comment. I don’t think you will be able to use your account to pay for goods in China, unless you can connect it to a local bank account. Did you have any success?


I have a client in China who wants to send me money in payment for homeopathic consultation which was recently did over WeChat. I would then like transfer this money to my English bank account. Can I do this or do I need to first setup a Chinese bank account linked to my WeChat app.


Yes, you will need a Chinese bank account to get the money out of WeChat.


Yes mine was working but now says I need a China bank account.
I can still spend the money in the wallet but cant receive. My only work around since my wife’s is linked was she went into money relatives card and added me now I can use the linked account to pay. Still can’t receive but at least I can pay. Next step see if I can open a bank account


Hi Charles and all, so I had a friend sent me some Yuan and I can see it in my WeChat wallet… I don’t have a Chinese bank account (yet) so obviously my account is not yet “Real-Name” verified. I wanted to test this by going to a charity organization website that takes WeChat Payment, scanned their QR code (on my computer screen) to make my small donation, and it took the amount out of my Wallet correctly. Does this mean I can use my (unverified) wallet for retail purchase? (I made sure that I was not actually sending them a red envelope).

Also, tried to do the same with my AliPay (which has zero balance in the wallet but has international Debit Mastercard added). No Go – it insists on me having to top-up first, so I don’t know what the Debit Mastercard actually does, sitting there in my AliPay.

Thx for any feedback!


Hi Charles,Do you know if it is possible to sell on Wechat from Australia without a Chinese Bank account?Thanks


Hi Jenny, sorry for the slow response, I missed your comment somehow. In answer to your question…I don’t think so. An international WeChat account won’t have any visibility inside mainland China so your first hurdle will be getting what they call a Universal Service account for WeChat which means you can have visibility inside China without being local. And then the payment piece will be a challenge. You may be able to receive funds into your account but you’ll have no way to get them out unless you use some third party to take the funds from you, move them to PayPal and then send them back you that way…which would inevitably cost you a good part of your margin.

Gerald Keith A De Gracia

can regular load cash in to we chat


international credit card can i use to link wechat


Not at this time I’m afraid. Hopefully in the future.

Michael Lee

Thank you for the detailed direction to get around WeChat wallet activation.
This is my main worry about visiting China, so I call Bank Of China Singapore and was directed to Mainland. This is the latest confirmed info as at 17th Oct 2019
1) Opening a BOC account outside China is not counted, They consider it a foreign bank.
2) Opening a Chinese bank account is only possible for foreigners only if you have a working Visa or long term work pass or a PR.
That means NO WAY for most on tourist visa.

However I was given the assurance that we need not worry. We can still take Grabs and pay for food etc with cash, it is always acceptable though a little less convenience.
So no worry, just make sure you have the real money. haha ..Cheers!

Chris Collins

Hi Charles
I have negotiated a refund from a Mandarin Language school with whom I originally booked 100 lessons but then had to leave China much earlier than I anticipated. Now that I’m based in Thailand I really don’t need Mandarin lessons any more. She proposed paying me by WeChat and I have been able to add my UK HSBC Debit Card to my WeChat wallet (which IS active as I used it while I was working in China, linking it to my ICBC account at the time). Now I want to know if she can make a payment to me/my HSBC Debit Card which will then automatically appear in my UK account – or would I have to do some money-juggling/moving and exchange-rate hopping to make that happen…? Or will any payment just… disappear?


Hi Chris, in theory you should be able to withdraw funds to your connected card (less WeChat commission), but I can’t be 100% certain for your particular situation. A safer bet may be to try and get a friend who is still in China to accept the refund and send on the funds to you some other way.

Victoria Sorgner

Hi Charles,
do you know if there is still an option for students with a X2 (short term) visa to activate WeChatPay? It is so complicated if you need to have cash all the time, and ordering is also not possible of course.
Have been to many banks, they all told me it is not possible with a short term study visa 🙁
Would be amazing if you could help me!!!


Hi Victoria, I don’t think it is possible I’m afraid. Since writing this post the rules have actually become a lot stricter so it is harder than ever to get WeChat pay working unless you are resident with a local bank account.

adeline chong

hi charles, i from malaysia i have promblem about china wallet i cant send or receveid red packet, i have RMB account but cant use china red packet, only can use RMB red packet

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